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  • Tagged as entertainment near Brisbane
    Reading Cinemas Jindalee

    These are the most clean, comfortable, relaxed cinemas we have found in Brisbane. The powered seats are very comfortable, everything is very clean and the lines are short or non-existent.

    Parking is easy as there is no boom gate (a great start), plenty of parking, in full size parking spaces and I can literally see into the Cinema foyer as I get out of the car.

  • Tagged as entertainment near Brisbane

    Cinebar in Paddington

    Cinebar in Paddington is one of the most intimate cinemas in Brisbane and a great place to catch a movie especially on a 'get-to-know-you' date. Their slogan says they "do it differently" and they certainly live up to that boast.

    Cinebar has a distinctly local and friendly vibe and a good atmosphere for easy conversation. You will be greeted by cheerful, competent staff. Even the patrons who come from all over Brisbane are extremely friendly and courteous towards each other.

    Compared to many cinemas, the food and drink available is well prepared, high quality and though not cheap it is reasonably prices. It feels luxurious to order the food (either in person before the show or during it using the app) and to have staff cheerfully bring it to you while you recline and enjoy the show.

    Even if you don't usually crave good food for a movie, it is worth ordering something different off the menu in order to submerge yourself in the full experience. For something light choose something like a Cheese platter or Peking Duck Spring Rolls. For a main try the Sizzling Mongolian Beef, or maybe try one of their Marghe-Rita Hayworth Pizzas.

    There are however two things to be aware of. The app does not include all the options you can order before going in, so you may want to order first and then use the app to do additional ordering through the movie. Also, there are footstools which for many make the viewing even more pleasurable, so don't forget to grab a footstool before you sit down and get comfortable.