Best Brisbane Parkrun

Parkrun is booming throughout the world and Australia has some of the best locations.

Parkrun Tourism

Many Parkrunners enjoy running different Parkrun courses, and meeting parkrunners from other locations. A significant number of these take it to the next level by playing 'Parkrun Alphabet' by specifically trying to complete a parkrun course starting with different letters of the alphabet. Not all letters are possible, but those who complete parkrun courses with names starting with 20 different letters are considered to have completed the 'Parkrun Alphabet'. To achieve this goal, parkrunners travel around the state and even interstate. Parkrun courses starting with rare and hard to get letter are scored more highly for this reason.


There is a huge variety of parkrun courses. Many are are run along courses which are naturally very scenic, often because they run along a river or other water feature, or through parklands. Parkrun courses which are more scenic are ranked higher.

  • Best Parkrun Brisbane
    Rocks Riverside Parkrun ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (see reviews on Google)

    The Rocks Riverside Parkrun is simply beautiful. It runs beside the Brisbane River and there are plenty of scenic views to make the run special. It is extremely well organised and friendly to wards all newcomers and parkrun tourists.

    The course runs along a clearly marked path and is an 'out and back' course which many people like. The course is well marked, easy to follow, and mostly flat which makes it a fast, comfortable course to run.

    For supporters who are not running/walking, or those who finish early, there is a wonderful playground and plenty to do near the finish line while waiting.

    Rocks Riverside Parkrun is a well attended, popular parkrun, however there is plenty of parking

  • Elite Parkrun Brisbane
    Zillmere Parkrun

    Zillmere gives parkrunners something they cannot get from any other Parkrun in Australia. A Parkrun starting with the letter Z.

    Many parkrunners spend a lot of weekends away from their home Parkrun, trying to achieve a 'Parkrun Alphabet' by completing 20 parkrun courses starting with 20 different letters of the Alphabet. Many of these 'Parkrun Tourists' inevitably come to Zillmere Parkrun to get one of the rarest letters in Parkrun Tourism worldwide, the elusive 'Parkrun Letter Z'.

    People come from throughout Australia and even oversees to get their 'Z' and it is not uncommon to have a small number of oversees Parkrun Tourist at Zillmere Parkrun, seeing the sights, and ticking of their 'Parkrun letter Z'.

    Zillmere Parkrun has great, enthusiastic volunteers who do a wonderful job of catering to visiting parkrunners. Which makes sense considering how many Parkrun Tourist they help each week. In large part, it is the spirit of these volunteers that makes Zillmere such are great little Parkrun to attend. Each Saturday there is a relatively small crowd in attendance, but the atmosphere is great, and the local and tourist parkrunners are friendly.

    Zillmere Parkrun is a grass Parkrun, with a fair bit of variety throughout the course. It is an interesting course, but first time Parkrunners should pay attention during the pre-race briefing or they are liable to go the wrong way.

    There is plenty of space throughout the course making it an ideal course for giving your dog a good run. It is also great for those who prefer to avoid courses with harder surfaces due to issues with knees and other joints. However, as it is a grass course, it is not particularly suitable for those who are mobility impaired who would struggle on grass. The grass also makes it a slower course, so it is not likely to be the course you set your new PB on if that is something you care about.

    Visually the course is not overly exciting, and much of it is run around basic sporting fields. It does not compare with the scenery of other parkrun courses along rivers, waterways and through parklands. However, the friendly volunteers make it a great little Parkrun to visit to get your elusive 'Parkrun Letter Z'.