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The Best Brisbane Medical Universities Reviewed

What makes a university the best medical university?

The ultimate measure of a universities value is how well it helps graduates to achieve great outcomes.


How highly is the university regarded? To what degree are graduates from the university perceived favourably or unfavourably by potential employers, program administrators and patients.

Cost is not a key factor

Here at 'Best..' we are all about finding the best of everything. Not the best value, just the best!

As with most other categories, when selecting the Best Medical School we do not consider the cost at all in our ratings. Our view is that your chosen University will impact your life in numerous ways. It will impact you repeatedly throughout your long career which is hopefully both illustrious and financially rewarding. In the grand scheme, the cost of the education itself is a small fraction of the value obtained over the course of a career in medicine.

  • Best Medical University Brisbane
    University of Queensland (UQ) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (see reviews on Google)

    University of Queensland (UQ) has long been regarded as unquestionably the best University in Queensland. Unchallenged in any area of teaching, academia or research for so long, the streangth of its reputation and depth of its Alumnus runs very deep. Even as recent as few decades ago, most employers regarded having University of Queensland on your resume the biggest stamp of approval possible from a Queensland University.

    However, in recent years other Queensland universities have been gaining their own notoriety within specfici areas. For example Queensland University of Technology is gaining a reputation for being cutting edge in technological areas including Science and Engineering and Information Technology. Similarly, Bond University is carving out a reputation in areas traditionally dominated by University of Queensland, such as Law, where Bond Uniiversity regualrly ranks higher than other Queensland Universities for Graduate Outcomes.

    In 2019 income exceeded $2 Billion for the first time. Covid has imapcted income significantly by $400 Million and $600 Million and, like all Universities, it will be years before the level of international student enrolments returns to the levels which existed prior to Covid-19.

    University of Queensland is also fighting ongoing controversy and legal actions related to the expulsion of student activist Drew Pavlou. Pavlou was expelled by the University of Queensland disciplinary and appeals boards for "serious misconduct", however, in June 2020, Pavlou claims their action was due to his political comments, and has launched a case against the University of Queensland alleging University of Queensland had committed a breach of contract and defamed him and he is seaking A$3.5 million in compensation.

    The University of Queensland School of Medicine is the highest ranked medical school in Brisbane and the 5th highest ranked Medical School in Australia. It excels in all of its primary education areas of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and Public Health.