Best Brisbane Pub steak

The Best Brisbane Pub Steaks Reviewed

There is something quintessentially Aussie about enjoying a counter meal and a drink or two with your family or your mates, at a your local pub.

While most pubs have steak on their menu, some pubs serve steak so good people travel for hours just for the steak.

What makes the best steak the best?

Locally produced meat

Australia produces some of the highest quality, cleanest, best tasting meat in the world. The best steak starts with the best quality Aussie meat from a local producer. It just wouldn't be right to use an imported oversees cut of meat for the best Aussie steak.

A prime cut

Generally for steak, beef is considered the best type of meat. Wagyu beef is regarded as the best type of beef, closely followed by and Angus.


Marbling is the key to cooking the best steak. Marbling is the healthy, unsaturated intramuscular fat which accumulates within the muscles. The more marbling a cut of meat has, and the better it is spread throughout the cut of meat, the more tender, moist and flavourful the steak can be.


The best stake is tender. A lot of this tenderness will come from the marbling, however the process used to prepare and cook the steak will also have significant impact on the the tenderness.

For example the meat must be removed from the refrigerator well before cooking and allowed to warm to the perfect temperature before cooking begins. If meat is cooked when it is still too cold, the tenderness and flavour will suffer.

While the steak is cooking, the marbling liquifies and flows through the meat cooking it from the inside. To maximise the tenderness, the meat should be cooked on one side then turned at precisely the right time. It should only be turned once. After the meat is cooked to perfection, on each side, it must stand for a while before cutting to enable the juices to settle within the steak. Cutting early will cause all the flavourful juices to flow out onto the plate robbing the stake of flavour and making it less tender and more dry.

Ambience matters a little, but not a lot

The point of a pub meal is that is basic, unpretentious, but delicious. There are times and occasions when the ambience of a restaurant may be so important that it is more important even than the taste of the food itself. Going for the best pub steak is not one of those times. So while the seating needs to be comfortable enough, and the pub needs to be welcoming enough, beyond that, the atmosphere of the pub itself is not considered when selecting the best pub steak.

Cost is not a factor

Here at 'Best..' we are all about finding the best of everything. Not the best value, just the best!

Pub meals are generally affordable, and good value, and the cost may be a factor if you are selecting a pub to go to frequently. However, it is not a factor we consider when selecting the best pub steak.

Unless the cost is prohibitively expensive, we do not consider the cost at all in our ratings. All ratings relate to the steak itself. Our view is that you are not trying to find the best pub steak to eat it every day. If you were to go out just a few times a year to have a great stake with family, mates, or with special friends who visit on rare occasions, where is the place to go to get the best pub steak?

  • Best Pub steak Brisbane
    The Morrison Steakhouse ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (see reviews on Google)

    Located centrally in Woolloongabba, the Morrison Steakhouse is a local favourite.

    The Morrison Steakhouse has been been serving locals and travellers since it opened in 1927, building a reputation as one of Brisbane's best steakhouses and whisky bars.

    While the breadths of drinks on tap at the Morrison are impressive in their own right, we have reviewed the Morrison Steakhouse steaks and crowned them the best pub steaks in Brisbane.

    The Morrison Steakhouse is close to the Gabba and is the perfect spot for a pre-game meal or as they say, .. for "a sneaky schooner on the way home to celebrate a win or to drown your sorrows".

  • Elite Pub steak Brisbane
    Breakfast Creek Hotel

    The Breakfast Creak Hotel is a major Brisbane desitnation, popular with locals and visitors alike.

    Built in the French Renaissance style in 1889, the Breakfast Creek Hotel has 5 different style bars including a rum bar, a steakhouse and a beer garden. It is famous for its premium quality steaks and beer. The dry aged steak is especially popular with connoisseurs of fine steak.