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The Best Brisbane Pie Shops Reviewed

"Mate .. I found the best pie shop!"

The rest of the world may not understand, but many Aussies have a taste for, even an obsession with, discovering the best Aussie pie shop. The joy of stumbling upon the best pie shop while on holidays, or discovering the best pie shop hidden away in a local suburb street is priceless

  • Best Pie Shop Brisbane
    Piefection Gourmet Pies ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (see reviews on Google)

    Piefection Gourmet Pies sells a range of mouth-watering gourmet pies, developed and baked by internationally qualified chef, Matt Roman.

    Guinness Beef and Mushroom, Lamb Shank and Rosemary, Jack Daniels BBQ Pork Rib or Bundaberg Rum Runner served with mushy peas, creamy mashed potatoes and gravy will easily tantalise your tastebuds.

    With specials changing on a weekly basis, there is always a new taste to try!

  • Elite Pie Shop Brisbane
    Yatala Pies


    The prices at Yatala Pies are fantastic. They are not the cheapest pies you can buy, but for the quality of pie and the serving size you get good value for money. The only exception is pies for those with dietary restrictions such as gluten free pies which are decidedly smaller and lesser quality. I have hear they do not make these pie on premise but I cannot confirm if that is the case. The sweat pies and pastries can also run a little more pricey but they are still good value. As we are looking for the best pie, not the cheapest pie, Yatala scores 100% for price.

    The Pies

    The first thing you notice about the pies is the lovely crispy flaky pastry. Biting into the pie you encounter the filling which contains large pieces of high quality meat cooked to perfection. In fact the meat pieces are big and tender and so perfectly cooked I find myself stunned again every time I go. They are also very filling and the portions are generous.

    The sides and toppings

    Yatala Pies' homemade gravy is to die for and I am sure if you get some it will be among the best gravies you have ever had.

    Many get their pie with a side of chips and gravy. The chips delicious and are substantial enough to have on their own, with or without Yatala's famous gravy. So even if you go for the pies, you really do need to try the chips and gravy as well. You will be glad you did. The mushy peas also get rave reviews if you are into mushy peas.


    Besides having a significant range of Aussie meat pies, Yatala Pies also have an extensive range of sweat pies and pastries. Options for those with dietary requirements are not forgotten and there are a number of gluten free, vegetarian and other options. However, some of these options are smaller and seam of lesser quality and taste than the regular options.

    There are pies to eat in and pies to take home. You can get individual pies or family size pies. Meat pies, or sweat pies. Among the sweat ranges I highly recommend you try the French Vanilla Slice, Apple Pie, Mini Pavlova or most importantly, try the Caramel Tart.

    Wait time and parking

    When you arrive there is a good chance there will be a long line for the drive through and in the store. However, you do not be concerned as the lines move fast and in no time it will be your turn. As they say, good eating places are always busy. On the weekend that is especially true. Some weekends at peak times you may wait 10 minutes or more but these are the exception not the norm.


    There is loads of parking space even space available for large vehicles and trailers most of the time.