Best Brisbane Cinemas

The Best Brisbane Cinemas Reviewed

Even though we have Netflix and all the other movie networks, getting out and going to see a movie at the cinema is still a worthwhile experience

Parking and access

Whether you are seeing a movie with a date, with friends, with children or even on your own, before you can see the movie you need to get there. More often than not couples and groups want to drive to the cinema, see the movie and then leave. However many Cinemas are in shopping malls or city locations with inadequate free parking close by. Cinemas with good free parking close by are rated more highly.


Good cinemas let you book online and select your preferred seats. They also let you rock up last minute and still select your preferred seats from what is available.

Food and drinks

If you are going to the cinema there is a good chance you are going to splurge a little on popcorn, drinks, munchies or even choc-top ice cream cones. We expect to pay a little more for things at the cinema, but extreme price gouging is not cool. Having a good selection of hot and cold food is looked on very favourably, as is being relaxed about external food or drink being discretely brought in to the cinema.


Yes I could have called them rest rooms, but this is Australia so just be glad I went a respectful local term rather than something more slang. For many people, the ease of getting from their cinemas seat to the nearest toilet is of the utmost importance to their movie going experience. The state of the toilets and the length of the queues when they get there are also important.

  • Best Cinemas Brisbane
    Reading Cinemas Jindalee ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (see reviews on Google)

    These are the most clean, comfortable, relaxed cinemas we have found in Brisbane. The powered seats are very comfortable, everything is very clean and the lines are short or non-existent.

    Parking is easy as there is no boom gate (a great start), plenty of parking, in full size parking spaces and I can literally see into the Cinema foyer as I get out of the car.

  • Elite Cinemas Brisbane

    Cinebar in Paddington

    Cinebar in Paddington is one of the most intimate cinemas in Brisbane and a great place to catch a movie especially on a 'get-to-know-you' date. Their slogan says they "do it differently" and they certainly live up to that boast.

    Cinebar has a distinctly local and friendly vibe and a good atmosphere for easy conversation. You will be greeted by cheerful, competent staff. Even the patrons who come from all over Brisbane are extremely friendly and courteous towards each other.

    Compared to many cinemas, the food and drink available is well prepared, high quality and though not cheap it is reasonably prices. It feels luxurious to order the food (either in person before the show or during it using the app) and to have staff cheerfully bring it to you while you recline and enjoy the show.

    Even if you don't usually crave good food for a movie, it is worth ordering something different off the menu in order to submerge yourself in the full experience. For something light choose something like a Cheese platter or Peking Duck Spring Rolls. For a main try the Sizzling Mongolian Beef, or maybe try one of their Marghe-Rita Hayworth Pizzas.

    There are however two things to be aware of. The app does not include all the options you can order before going in, so you may want to order first and then use the app to do additional ordering through the movie. Also, there are footstools which for many make the viewing even more pleasurable, so don't forget to grab a footstool before you sit down and get comfortable.