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The Best Brisbane Technical Universities Reviewed

What makes a university the best technical university?

The ultimate measure of a universities value is how well it helps graduates to achieve great outcomes.


How highly is the university regarded? To what degree are graduates from the university perceived favourably or unfavourably by potential employers, program administrators and patients.

Cost is not a key factor

Here at 'Best..' we are all about finding the best of everything. Not the best value, just the best!

As with most other categories, when selecting the Best Technical University we do not consider the cost at all in our ratings. Our view is that your chosen University will impact your life in numerous ways. It will impact you repeatedly throughout your long career which is hopefully both illustrious and financially rewarding. In the grand scheme, the cost of the education itself is a small fraction of the value obtained over the course of a career.

  • Best Technical University Brisbane
    Queensland University of Technology (QUT) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (see reviews on Google)

    Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a relatively young university, but it has been steadily gaining a reputation for being cutting edge in technological areas including Science and Engineering and Information Technology.

    With an annual income of approximately $1 Billion it is half the size of its bigger competitor, however QUT has a prominent and enviable location right on the doorstep of the Brisbane CBD adjoining the Botanical Gardens.

    Other universities lag behind, as QUT gives its Information Technology students solid exposure to the latest and most widely used technologies, languages and frameworks. With decades of QUT graduates now established in their careers within some of the most technical companies and businesses within Brisbane, they are increasingly having influence over the hiring decisions of those companies. As a result new graduates from QUT are finding their education more highly regarded within the industry.