Best Brisbane Social Sport

The Best Brisbane Social Sport Reviewed

As we move towards more active lifestyles there is a lot of interest in social sport.

Parking and access

Often singles, couples and groups want to drive to play their social sport of choice. Venues with good free parking close by are rated more highly. Venues with good access via public transport are also rated favourably.


Good social sport usually costs a small fee but court and equipment costs should be affordable so players can play regularly.

Food and drinks

If some food and drink is available on the premise or nearby that is reviewed favourably.

Toilets and showers

Yes I could have called them rest rooms, but this is Australia so just be glad I went a respectful local term rather than something more slang. For many people, the ease of getting from their playing area to the nearest toilet is of the utmost importance to their sport and social experience. The state of the toilets and the length of the queues when they get there are also important. For some players who come directly from work or go directly to other events, easy access to clear showers is also important.

  • Best Social Sport Brisbane
    Brisbane Pickleball Club


    In the last 5 years Pickleball has grown from that fun social activity to a fully fledged sport. Its appeal is spreading quickly to younger and younger players, and players of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

    Pickleball is recognised officially as The fastest growing sport in the US after achieving the highest growth rate of any sport in both 2020 and 2021.

    As Sport & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) reported in its Annual Topline Participation Report ..

    Pickleball continues its incredible rise, becoming the fastest-growing sport over the last two years, with participation seeing a 39.3% growth.

    Brisbane Pickleball Club (BPC) organises regular social play a locations throughout Brisbane. Participation is primarily booked through:

    • Brisbane Pickleball Club Meetup Group
    • Brisbane Pickleball Club OpenSport Group

    Session are organised in dozens of locations, morning, through the day and in the evening, on weeks days and on weekends.

    Other groups not affiliated with BPC also run sessions through the above sites and related apps, and other independently run groups also operate at a very local level.