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  • Tagged as food near Brisbane
    The Morrison Steakhouse

    Located centrally in Woolloongabba, the Morrison Steakhouse is a local favourite.

    The Morrison Steakhouse has been been serving locals and travellers since it opened in 1927, building a reputation as one of Brisbane's best steakhouses and whisky bars.

    While the breadths of drinks on tap at the Morrison are impressive in their own right, we have reviewed the Morrison Steakhouse steaks and crowned them the best pub steaks in Brisbane.

    The Morrison Steakhouse is close to the Gabba and is the perfect spot for a pre-game meal or as they say, .. for "a sneaky schooner on the way home to celebrate a win or to drown your sorrows".

  • Tagged as food near Brisbane
    Breakfast Creek Hotel

    The Breakfast Creak Hotel is a major Brisbane desitnation, popular with locals and visitors alike.

    Built in the French Renaissance style in 1889, the Breakfast Creek Hotel has 5 different style bars including a rum bar, a steakhouse and a beer garden. It is famous for its premium quality steaks and beer. The dry aged steak is especially popular with connoisseurs of fine steak.